Family Bridges is a nonprofit organization that invites people to make their lives a more personally-fulfillling, happier, and healthier experience. We empower individuals with practical relationship skills such as communication, conflict resolution and problem solving. We also help them understand the role that emotions, forgiveness, gratitude, commitment and affection play in any relationship.


Our workshops are designed to empower couples with practical skills such as: communication, conflict resolution, stress management and more.

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– Everlasting Love (Romance Perpetuo)
– The Couple: The Strongest Link
– Within Our Reach


Our workshops for singles are designed to help adults gain communication and conflict resolution skills in order to foster their ability to find, build and maintain satisfying, intimate relationships.

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– How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette)
– Within my Reach


Our workshops for youth help them acquire practical skills for forming healthy, respectful and ethically sound relationships. They’re taught a set of core competencies that include: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, interpersonal skills and responsible decision-making skills.

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– Connect
– Relationship Smarts
– Welcome to the Real World


Our parenting workshops are designed to motivate parents to help raise successful children who have strong character; relationship smarts, community engagement that ultimately supports students in achieving goals. In addition, we offer a one-of-a-kind resource for mothers to have meaningful conversations with their daughters about relationships, goals, and self-identity.

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– Girl Talk (Entre Nosotras)
– Parenting With Purpose (Padres con Propósito)


Our work-life balance curriculum covers core topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills, knowledge of the benefits of marriage, and stress and anger management.

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Volunteers participating in our leadership program are trained under the values of hope, respect, honesty, unity, identity and balance. They serve in various capacities, including providing mentorship to other couples and community development.

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– Marriage Champions
– Growing Together


This series of workshops are intended to help individuals start their own business and to help the low-income individuals we serve, reach economic self-sufficiency.

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– Cre$ciendo Juntos



¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente! is a daily radio novela about family, community, love and life set inside the comings and goings of a very culturally diversified neighborhood.

It focuses on issues that affect the Latino community, including the struggles and joys of parenthood, marriage, family relations, addictions, obsessions, and the difficulties young ones facd. Each season includes 65, 2:30-minute skits with professional actors and reflections with Dr.Alicia La Hoz, author, Executive Director of Family Bridges and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.


Los Secretos de Santa Mónica (The Secrets of Santa Monica) is an off-broadway style theatre production written and produced by Latinos, with an original script, sound score and choreography. It is entertaining, comical, dramatic and intriguing. Embedded throughout the production are messages about family, relationships, decision-making and more.