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Family Bridges is a nonprofit organization that invites people to make their lives a more personally-fulfilling, happier and healthier experience by making positive behavioral changes to improve their interpersonal relationships.

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Puerto Rico

Eterno Romance

Romance Eterno, published in 2013, was developed specifically for Hispanic populations by Dr. Alicia E. La Hoz, integrating key principles derived from 11 years of outcomes obtained in working directly with the Latino community. Romance Eterno is not just a translated program that has been adapted; it is designed specifically for Latinos with content that integrates culturally appropriate components. This curriculum includes the following topics: communication skills, healthy relationship components, empathy and emotional understanding, conflict resolution, affection and intimacy, negotiation skills, and assertiveness.

Saturday | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
No Cost | This event will be in SPANISH ONLY.

Catacumba 7, Caguas
Calle Padial #46
Caguas, Puerto Rico

For registration and more information, contact us by phone at 787-614-3088
or  by email at mbortiz@gmail.com.